foto : Isolde Woudstra

foto : Isolde Woudstra

‘Weak piping time of peace’… The world commemorates the start of World War I… of course, one can barely imagine how it must have been…mind-blowing. Luckily, the war ended! Or did it? Wasn’t there an update called World War II and another one called Cold War? And what about Star Wars and Call of Duty? And that other game, the so-called War on Terror?

What’s next? The battlefield has traveled from where the concrete action takes place to the theatre of the mind… War strategies are being utilized in corporate business, marketing and politics. Spam-faced-zombies and bot militias colonize the private sphere. The whole life has turned into a battlefield on which fears need to be managed and exploited.

The Great Warmachine updates perspectives on the current economy of warfare. Covered with pixelcamouflage, and informed by 3D printed history it attempts to lock and load for the future with the wrestling spirit of the deserter.

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